Pokémon Go Souvenirs: Get Souvenirs from Your Buddy

You want to know how to get memories for your friends in Pokemon GO Buddy, you are in the guide given because we discussed everything.

How to see memories of your friends in Pokemon GO Buddy.

To see your friend's memories, you need to open your friend's account, where you can see what he is carrying during his friendship.

How to get reminders from your friends on Pokemon GO Buddy.

In order for your friend to remember, you need to increase their overall happiness, while their relationship level is at least Ultra Friend. We have already mentioned how you can increase your friend's happiness, but we will repeat it again.

Take a picture of your friend.
Take a walk with your friends.
See cards with your friends.
Fighting with your friends.
Play with them in AR mode.
Feed him.

You must remember that, as mentioned, you can only do this once a day. So you have to wait for the next day to be restored to do it again.


What memories can you get from your friends on Pokemon GO Buddy?

Ticket ripped.
Tropical flower
Tropical oysters
cup beach
Cactus is a fruit
Miss the stone
A small bouquet
semi elastic.
fruit flower.
Lonely earrings
Enough leaves.

As you probably know now that you know how to collect memories for your friends on Pokemon GO Buddy, it's easy. Hopefully you can reach the level you need to collect memories quickly and be able to use your best.


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