Minecraft: Microsoft and Nvidia partner to develop more realistic graphics in the video game

The Minecraft video game will have better graphics. Microsoft Corp  said today that it will use the real-time ray tracing technology of Nvidia Corp, a graphics company, to offer Minecraft users more realistic graphics on personal computers.

Real-time ray tracing, or the processor's ability to simulate how light rays bounce in a visual scene, helps video games  and other computer graphics better simulate real-world shadows and reflections.

Last week, Nvidia reported quarterly results that exceeded Wall Street estimates and said its profitability received a boost from new high-end graphics processors for video game users.

“I think we have put all the pieces in place to take the ray tracing to the future of the games. The number of successful games that have adopted the RTX is really growing strongly,” said Nvidia's chief executive Jen-Hsun Huang in a call after the results report.

More games

Other video games that would have the same graphic technology are “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” by Activision Blizzard, “Watch Dogs: Legion” by Ubisoft Toronto and “Synced: Off Planet” by Tencent NExT Studios, Nvidia said.


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