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It was about two months ago when I was searching for a controller to use with my Nintendo Switch. I needed a controller to be more comfortable than stock joy cons Nintendo offers. As everyone, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller seemed like a viable solution. Like any sane person would do, I spent a couple of days watching reviews & reading countless reviews. 


One issue shared by several people was presented: the dreadful Nintendo drift issue. The problem that plagued the joycons somehow was an issue with the pro Controller. In addition, I began to look at alternatives and wouldn't you know most of them were just terrible. They are horribly designed and cheap looking while missing half the features of the first party pro controller. Personally, I have no need for amiibo support or motion controls as the games I am interested in don't utilize these features. 


I wanted comfort, rumble and build quality and a company called 8bitdo was the key.

From their wonderful controllers and all their products, I finally found my future controller: sn30 pro plus 



This nostalgic beauty caught my eye immediately. Before I dived in, I searched for reviews and forums to solidify this savvy buy. I watched and read everything having to do with the controller and found nothing that was a deal breaker. So as any kid excited about a new toy, I scooped it up immediately.


Fast forward to the present day, I regret nothing from this purchase. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Like most, I grew up in the Nintendo and super Nintendo golden years and this hits home. As a true gamer and admirer of the art, this is very much appreciated as I suffer with chronic pain. I can say this controller will be easy on the hands and for connectivity , no issues at all. 


  • Strong rumble support

  • USB-C Battery

  • Long battery life with rumble for 20 hours

  • $50 price tag 


I have used it for three months and I absolutely love it. The Sn30 Pro Plus makes you question why Nintendo themselves didn't think of this first. For $50.00, I think it is worth every single penny especially now you can find this controller on sale very often. Keep a look out for this controller as it has the Random Noobs stamp of approval.

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