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What should we know about Neeko in League of Legends?

The Neeko Points are extraordinarily defined and, because of the strength of their aim, can have potentially devastating consequences. In addition to his ability to encourage glacier growth, he can enter into any line to play as a team and end the battle quickly, so it's good we have some guidelines that explain how to play with Neeko, and we have the following content that gives us clues in terms of this.


How do I play in League of Legends with Neeko?

Take care of your allies

It is possible that by turning ourselves into one of our allies, we can achieve the efficiency of Neko's passivity, like W's, that we must pay attention to our allies, health barriers and the position with which you are on the map, but if we transform with Neeko, it will definitely copy health. If an ally dies or is fired, it is easy to find whether our ally appears on the map on the robot's side. cannot be at the top bar until 15 ekundi later, transformation is a powerful tool and must be used with caution and intelligence.

Out on your face

Pop Blossom from Neeko will allow us to create explosions around him that will affect everything on the road where we have a short updraft so that we can control the enemy's escape path which allows us to use our large delays in our stasis traps and our flash. turn on our last cast, we can consider using a stopwatch or Zhonya clock when we are on the opposing team. We will avoid many dangers to us


If the thorn is spinning past several targets, it takes longer to trap. In the case of burst bursts, after hitting the target we get extra time to help us solve the waves of enemy objects and wave and kill your opponents, we look for chain traps through camouflage or Q on several attacks.

Hope you enjoy these tips of playing with Neeko.



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